APECS 0175 Linear Actuators

    Precision fuel control for construction, industrial, and agricultural equipment

    0175 External Linear Actuator

    All-purpose standard actuators mount to the engine with external linkage 

     0175 LAPS_web           

    Purpose-built standard or LAPS actuators integrated into the fuel pump

    Woodward’s 0175 linear actuators deliver precise positioning and form the foundation of a full electronic governing system.

    This actuator family comes in two distinct designs to meet OEM demand for either all-purpose actuation or actuation on a specific application. The all-purpose models are mounted to the engine with external linkage and the purpose-built models are integrated into the fuel pump. The purpose-built, integral models are available in two configurations—standard or LAPS (linear actuator with position sensor). With a standard actuator, the shaft position is defined as a point between the energized and de-energized positions. With a LAPS actuator, the position sensor allows feedback to the ECU to indicate shaft position. This is particularly advantageous when position feedback is required for emissions control.