505 Steam Turbine Training Programs


The 505 Turbine Control System is designed to operate steam turbines of all sizes and applications. Two training programs have been developed to give you a thorough understanding of the functionality and operation of the 505 control.

505 Product Training Videos

In-depth, step-by-step tutorials on 505 hardware, installation, communication links, signal connections, and more.

505 Product & Application Overview

Slide presentation with narration and diagrams that explain the features, unique capabilities, and various applications of the 505 turbine control system. This training series outlines the benefits of the 505 system and its unique capabilities and functionality

  1.  505XT Hardware & Front Panel Overview    
  2.  505XT Installation Basics, Power, and Boot-Up   
  3.  505XT Screen Navigation    
  4.  505XT Wiring Connections for Analog and Speed Signals 
  5.  505XT Wiring Connections for Discrete Signals   
  6.  505XT Wiring Connections for Communication Links   
  7. 505XTChanging User Levels   
  8.  505XT Changing Modes and Languages   
  9.  505XT Setting Ethernet IP Address   
  10.  505XT Service - Actuator Linearization
  11.  505XT Service – Datalog  
  12.  505XT Service - Operation Log    
  13.  505XT  Service - Custom Trend  
  14.  505XT Configuration/Calibration - Actuator Drivers
  15.  505XT Configuration/Calibration - Analog Inputs
  16. 505XT Configuration/Calibration - Analog Outputs 
  17.  505XT Configuration/Calibration - Force Relay Outputs On/Off 
  18.  505XT Configuration/Calibration - Speed Signals 
  19.  505XT  Configuration/Calibration - Woodward Digital Links
  20. 505XT Operation Screen Overview
  21.  505XT Operation Screen - Trip/Alarm Latch & Logs
  22. 505XTSpeed PID - Dynamic Adjustments
  23. 505XT Cascade PID - Dynamic Adjustments
  24. 505XT Auxiliary PIDs 1 & 2 - Dynamic Adjustments 
  25. 505XT Isolated PIDs - Dynamic Adjustments 
  26. 505XT Service Tool - AppManager 
  27. 505XT Service Tool - SOS Servlink OPC Server/Control Assistant 
  28. 505XT Using Remote View 
  29. 505XT Configuration of Extraction Steam Maps
  30. 505XT Configuration of Admission Steam Maps
  31. 505XT Configuration of Extraction/Admission Steam Maps
  32. 505XT Alternate Modes of Operation
  33. 505XT Connection and Configuration of LinkNet Modules
  34. 505XT Configuration of Vibration Probes
  35. 505XT Extraction Mechanical Drive Application Example
  36. 505XT Extraction PID Optimizer and Opti Ratio
  37. 505XT Speed PID Optimizer 
  38. 505XT Simulation Mode 


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