GBA Rotary Actuators

    Golf-ball sized actuator for gasoline, propane, and
    natural gas engines

    GBA w Golf Ball.jpgWoodward’s GBA is a laminated, rotary electric actuator that accurately controls fuel flow in gasoline, propane, and natural gas engines. When paired with Woodward’s APECS and DPG electronic controllers, desired engine speed is precisely maintained. The “Golf Ball Actuator,” so named because it is roughly the diameter of a golf ball, is suitable for power generation (stationary and mobile gensets) and industrial equipment applications.

    Current to the actuator is adjusted by the controller, enabling the GBA to either increase or reduce fuel flow to the engine. The actuator may be attached to a fuel shutdown lever, a mechanical governor lever, a throttle butterfly, or directly to the injector pump rack. The actuator can also return the fuel system to minimum fuel position, shutting off fuel flow to the engine.

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    • Highly affordable rotary actuator due to low-cost design (pat. pend.)
    • Adaptable to many OEM applications
    • Mounts to engine with bracket or directly to engine with adapter plate
    • Electrically driven in one direction and spring returned in opposite direction
    • Output lever can be designed for specific requirements
    • Counterclockwise (CCW) rotation driving force*
    • Controls fuel system position
    • Position sensing models can be designed to specific needs

    (*) For specific OEM requirements, please contact Woodward for the availability of clockwise (CW) models.


    Operating Voltage 

    12 Vdc ± 20%

    Maximum Current 

    5.1 A @ 12 Vdc at 68°F (20°C)

    Coil Resistance 

    2.64 ohms



    Torque Range 

    See Product Specification 36510


    CCW 65°± 3°

    Output to Actuator 

    Pulse width modulated driven

    Response Time 

    <75 ms for 0-5 A step

    Operating Life 

    5000 hours

    Duty Cycle @
    °C (221 °F) 

    Intermittent @ > 2.20 A



    Operating Temperature 

    -40 °F to +250 °F [-40 °C to +121 °C]


    35-1000 Hz @ 15 G sinusoidal


    Corrosion resistant housing


    On engine


    Approx. 1 lb (0.45 kg)