Woodward Commitment to Customer Support

To support the needs of customers worldwide, Woodward offers customer service and AOG support from 2 locations: Rockford, Illinois, USA and Prestwick Scotland.

AOG Support: Woodward provides 24-hour AOG service.  Please see our AOG support page for details.

Customer Support:  Woodward provices customer support Monday-Friday during normal daytime work hours. In the U.S. please use Woodward's convenient toll free number at 888-273-8817 or fax 815-624-1926. For assistance from Woodward's Scotland facility, please use 44-1292-677600 or fax 44-1292-677612.

Customer Service Managers

Woodward Customer Service Managers work with you to develop customized programs to meet your support requirements, business objectives, and logistical needs. This single point of contact provides you with a simple and direct means of communication.

Fuel Controls (CF6, CFM56, F110, RB211, V2500, CF34, BR700)

Nozzles (JT8, JT9, PW2000, PW4000, CFM56, V2500)


Phil Boyle
Global Account Manager
Director of Sales/Customer Support

Phone: 44 1292 677602 (UK)
Fax: 44 1292 677612
e-mail: Phil.Boyle@woodward.com

Central, Western N. America
Chuck Johnson
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 815-639-6362 (USA)
Mobile: 815-394-9606
e-mail: Chuck.Johnson@woodward.com

Eastern N. America, S. America, C. America, Mexico
Jeff Maldonis
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 815-639-6222 (USA)
Fax: 815-639-6048
e-mail: Jeff.Maldonis@woodward.com 

Central, Northwest N. America
Wayne Nowak
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 847-763-2503 (USA)
e-mail: Wayne.Nowak@woodward.com 

Asia, Pacific Rim
Roger DeNure
Director of Sales/Customer Support
Asia/Pacific Region
Phone: 815-639-6797 (USA)
Mobile: 815-985-7043 (Domestic & Intl')
Fax: 815-639-6048
e-mail: Roger.DeNure@woodward.com

Les Yin
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 86-10-65101701 (CHN)
Mobile: 86-13901240782
Fax: 86-10-65171469
e-mail: les.yin@woodward.com

Middle East/Africa/India & The Asian Subcontinent
Abdul Bigirumwami
Director of Sales/Customer Support
Middle East/Africa/India/S. Asia
Phone: 661-702-5833 (USA)
e-mail: Abdul.Bigirumwami@woodward.com


Spare Parts Sales - Large Turbine Engine Fuel Controls

Ann Spataro
Customer Support Representative
Phone: 815-639-6787 (USA)
Fax: 815-639-5387
email: Ann.Spataro@woodward.com


Marketing/New Business

Tony Dzik
Global Account Manager
Director of Sales/Customer Support
Phone: 815-639-6983 (USA)
Fax: 815-639-5434
e-mail: Tony.Dzik@woodward.com

Small Turbine Fuel Controls

PW206/207/300/600/CT7/T700GE Overspeed/TPE331/Sensors/Turboprop Governors
Mark Munger
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 815-639-6796 (USA)
Fax: 815-639-5395
email: Mark.Munger@woodward.com

Spare Parts Sales - Small Turbine Fuel Contorls & Turboprop
Angelique Stuckey
Customer Support Representative
Phone: 815-639-6228 (USA)
Fax: 815-639-5379
email: Angelique.Stuckey@woodward.com


For support on the following product lines, please contact: 

Piston Engine Propeller Governors and Synchronizer Systems

Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing provides product support for Woodward piston engine propeller governors and synchronizer/synchrophaser systems.

Contact information:

Ontic Engineering & Manufacturing
2400 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA  91311
Phone: 818-678-6555
Fax: 818-678-6618

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