Woodward Aerospace and Defense Actuation

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    Woodward designs and produces actuation systems and components for a broad spectrum of aerospace and defense applications including:



    Our capabilities range from precision electric and hydraulic components to integrated inceptor, actuator, electronics, and sofware systems. Woodward products and systems perform primary and mission-critical functions on the Boeing 787, Airbus A380, Gulfstream G650, Sikorsky CH-53K, Lockheed F-35, General Electric GEnx turbine engine, General Dynamic M1 Abrams tank, and Raytheon AIM-9X tactical missile--among many other noteworthy platforms.

    Woodward is at the forefront of the aerospace and defense industry in developing advanced actuation technologies.  Our product and system platforms can be application-engineered for a wide variety of performance and configuration requirements.  We deliver reliable and cost-effective performance for our original equipment and end user customers, and we are committed to best-in-class supplier metrics.

    Review our website links for information regarding our wide range of actuation system and component applications, or email Woodward at afs-actuation@woodward.com for technical, sales, or service support contacts.