Woodward Aircraft Turbine Actuators

    High field reliability at lower weight and cost


    Woodward’s actuator platform provides the aircraft industry with very high reliability at low cost.
    Innovations in design arrangement, materials, surface finishes, and sensor integration provide
    excellent feature density at a low weight. 


    Leveraging unique scalable and modular designs, applications can be developed in a
    short time-to-market, with minimal risk, for:

    • compressor vane
    • bleed air
    • air valves
    • oil

    Further system level savings are achieved by higher-LRU integration and analysis, leading to integrated servo-actuator solutions and open loop proportional designs. Regardless of the configuration, our performance and high-pedigree levels provide years of worry-free, on-demand service within the toughest environments.

    Design features include: 

    • Wide variety of electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical servos, feedback sensors, and integrated open loop configurations for varying performance-to-cost requirements
    • Reuse of scalable platforms to reduce risk, cut costs, and boost reliability
    • Robust trade study tools to ensure optimized performance for the application