EG-3P and EG-3PC Actuators

    EG actuators produce mechanical output from electrical input  


    Woodward’s EG-3P (proportional) and EG-3PC (proportional with compensation) actuators are designed for use on diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, or turbines, and are particularly well suited for use in control systems requiring a proportional mechanical output of a proportional electrical input. 

    Used to control the flow of fuel or other energy source to a prime mover, EG-3P/6P/10P actuators convert an electrical signal to position a proportional rotary output shaft. These hydro-mechanical actuators provide the muscle for a Woodward 2301A723PLUS, or similar integrating electric control system.  

    EG actuators are suitable for controlling diesel and gas engines or steam and industrial or commercial gas turbines that drive alternators, DC generators, pumps, compressors, machinery, or locomotives. A Woodward hydraulic amplifier can provide larger work capacities. These actuators are also recommended for applications involving unattended starts. EG actuators can also be used for installations where prime movers operate in tandem to drive a common load. With two actuators connected in series, only one electric control is required to supply a common signal to each prime mover’s actuator.


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