EM-80 and EM-300 All-Electric Actuators

    High Torque Gear-Motor Actuators with 40 Degrees of Actuator Output 

    EM-80 Actuator.gifThe EM-80 and EM-300 gear-motor actuators are intended to be mounted on large diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines, and on all types of turbines. They control the position of engine fuel racks, turbine fuel valves, turbine and turbocharger variable geometry, and handle fuel injection timing control racks. These systems are well suited for engines without a mechanical drive or hydraulic oil supply.

    The EM-80 and EM-300 are all-electric actuator systems that provide 40 degrees of actuator output rotation. The EM-80 and EM-300 deliver a high transient torque at a very high slew rate to minimize the actuator time lag from the total control system. This enables highly responsive control system behavior. Each system consists of a three-phase brushless AC motor that drives a high-precision planetary reduction gear box. A dedicated driver controls the actuator position.


    Click here for a quick glimpse of EM-80 still going strong after 90,000 hours