Woodward Gas Fuel Metering Valves

    Gas-fuel metering valves are essential for low emissions, and Woodward offers fuel metering technologies suitable for a range of engines, from alternative-fuel bus and truck engines to large industrial gas and dual-fuel engines.

    • TecJetTM valves provide precise, full-authority control fuel mass flow using on-board electronics and pressure and temperature transducers, and are often used with biogases or other  fuels having varying heat content.
    • SOGAVTM gas admission valves are used, one per cylinder, on the port inlet gas admission type of large gas and dual-fuel engines.
    • For on-highway alternative fuel vehicle applications, Woodward’s multi-injector fuel metering valve (FMV) provides the full advantages of multi-point injection systems while providing the outstanding fuel-air mixing of single-point systems.
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