Woodward Aircraft Turbine Fuel Metering Units (FMUs)

    Leaders in aircraft turbine fuel metering and control



    Woodward FMUs deliver state-of-the-art fuel control functionality with significantly higher reliability and lower lifecycle costs versus the competition. We combine decades of industry-leading fuel metering experience with in-house servo control and innovative technologies to provide elegant, cost-effective solutions. Whether a new application or a transparent, competitive displacement, our dedicated onsite engineering support ensures a flawless Entry Into Service (EIS).

    Design features include:

    • Decades of industry leading market share and pedigree from millions of flight hours reduce program risks and increase reliability
    • Dedicated analysis team facillitates system level trade offs among critical mission requirements such as metering accuracy versus recurring cost
    • Long history of successful, transparent competitive displacements offer cost savings over the remaining product lifecycle
    • Scalable valve platforms reduce risk, cut costs, and boost reliability