Woodward AMP/GEM (Advanced Manufacturing Partnership) Program

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    Does a two-year degree in Tooling and Manufacturing Technology interest you?

    What if we told you that we will pay for your accredited and transferable Grand Rapids Community College classes, fees and books, and you can have spending money too! Qualified applicants must submit ACT scores of 18 or better, or take the Accuplacer test at GRCC to test out of the remedial classes. All qualified applicants will go through an interview process.

    Program Summary  

    • Students work a minimum of 20 hours per week
    • Attend GRCC as a full time student
    • If selected, tuition and fees are paid for by Woodward
    • The student must maintain a 2.0 GPA or better average and any individual class that is less than a “C” must be paid by the student to stay in the program.
    • After successful completion of the program students earn a two year Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Tooling and Manufacturing Technology  

    Program Details

    • Students are selected each fall
    • Students attend classes as a "cohort", which can create strong working relationships and a positive learning environment
    • Students will take a variety of classes intended to advance their knowledge/understanding of manufacturing, build a foundation for a successful transition into the workforce, or continue their education
    • While working part time at Woodward, students rotate through a number of different production areas:

                -  Machining
                -  Inspection
                -  Welding
                -  R&D
                -  Assembly & Test
                -  Special Processes 

    • There is No Catch — You are not obligated to work for us when you complete your degree. There may not be a job offer from us at the end—this will be contingent on our needs and your performance
    • Regardless, you will have earned an Associate’s Degree in Tooling and Manufacturing Technology free of charge. This valuable degree could be a spring board to countless employment opportunities in the manufacturing field.

    How to apply for the AMP/GEM program:
    This is an exciting career path for motivated individuals. Please apply at www.woodward.com/careers