Gas Turbine Actuation

    Actuation Solutions for Gas Turbines

    Woodward provides gas turbine actuators for fuel, water, steam and bleed valves, as well as inlet guide vane, variable stator vane applications.

    On-engine variable geometry actuation designs incorporate best practices from both industrial and aircraft experience. Applications have included actuation of variable stator vanes and inlet guide vanes that are crucial to proper operation of both legacy and modern gas turbine designs. These devices are often OEM-specific for a given turbine and are provided for small industrial, aero-derivative and frame gas turbine requirements. A full range of forces and strokes are available in eight hydraulic or electric configurations.

    Woodward actuation platforms have also been developed to operate various off-engine control valves. Actuation platforms range from relatively small units (25 lb force) that drive low force application needs, up to very large devices (50,000 lb force) that operate the largest gas turbine control valves. Configurations include high or low supply pressures, linear or rotary outputs, and several stroke/angle options. These hydraulic or electric actuators typically drive gas and liquid fuel control valves, water or steam injection valves, compressor bleed valves, or inlet bleed heat valves.

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