Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Shutoff Valves for Gas Turbines


    Universal Gas Fuel, Liquid Fuel, or Water Shutoff Valve (USOV)

    Woodward’s USOV provides high-speed shutoff of gas/liquid fuel or water in emergency and normal shutdown operation of industrial gas turbines. The valve operates at pressures up to 900 psia (6.2 Mpa) and, with its all stainless steel construction, assures availability of the valve under all operating conditions. The valve utilizes an internal spring to store the energy required for valve closure within 100 msec of loss of the 24VDC or 125VDC electrical signal to the control solenoid.

    Two versions of the USOV are available:

    • The two inch USOV will handle either liquid fuel or water.
    • The three inch USOV will handle either gas or liquid fuels.

    Flow capacities are determined by the fuel or water system’s constraints upon allowable pressure drop across the valve. Both versions of the USOV provide a closed position proximity switch, as well as a fuel/actuation air overboard vent to detect seal wear or contamination concern.

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