HighPROTEC Release 3.4

    Protection Relays

    Woodward is proud to announce the latest release 3.4 of the HighPROTEC family of protection devices.

    What's New in HighPROTEC Release 3.4

    Release 3.4 extends HighPROTEC’s capabilities to include:

    • FNN2015 Compliance* with “Requirements for Digital Protection Devices”
      *(“FNN-Hinweis: Anforderungen an digitale Schutzeinrichtungen”, 2015. See Declaration of Conformity for details.)
    • Pole slip protection
    • (Phase) distance backup protection
      • Power swing protection
      • Load Blinder
    • “Very Silent” Installation Mode for Smart view. (This enables your IT department to perform unattended remote installations and upgrades.)
    • Enhanced IT Security
      • Menu for the activation of BDEW-Whitepaper-compliant security settings (e. g. hardening of interfaces)
    • Usability improvements


    Total protection of power generating and distribution systems

    HighPROTEC protection relays from Woodward make protecting medium voltage feeders, generators, transformers, and motors simple while reducing effort and cost.

    HighPROTEC can be easily configured for specific application requirements and feature flexibility in inputs and power supply, various communication protocols, and menus in eight languages. Displays include system connections, operating values, and messages/alarms/fault data – making HighPROTEC easy to use.

    • Reduces your maintenance and commissioning efforts (integrated fault simulator,…)
    • Highest hardware flexibility (1A/5A inputs, wide range of power supply,...)
    • Protection packages inclusive
    • 8 languages selectable within the relay (English / French / German / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian / Russian / Spanish)
    • Various communication protocols (IEC 61850, Modbus, DNP3, Profibus, IEC 60870‑5‑103)
    • Worldwide certifications include CE, UL, CSA, EAC, Marine**,...
      **(MCDGV4‑2 and MRDT4‑2)
    • Covers worldwide interconnection standards such as IEEE1547, BDEW, G59

    Pole slip protection (ANSI 78, Out of Step) has been integrated into the Generator Differential Protection MCDGV4-2.

    Furthermore, two (phase) distance protection elements (ANSI 21) enable the MCDGV4-2 to be used as a backup for distance protection devices. These are equipped with a power swing blocking element (ANSI 68) and a option for a load blinder.

    How to ensure that all commissioning engineers are using the same setting software version?

    Our operation and evaluation software Smart view can now be installed by an IT department in a “Very Silent Mode”. That means user does not need to do anything. The software can be rolled out from a centralized IT department that has administrative permission to install software on the users PCs. Two options are available for the “Very Silent Mode.” Option 1 is to keep all former versions; Option 2 is to overwrite former versions.

    A separate IT security menu provides BDEW whitepaper “Requirements for Secure Control and Telecommunication Systems” features like the ability to harden interfaces. A hardened interface will reject any attempt to access or manipulate the device.

    Additional New Features:

    • Additional INV-Characteristic (RI)
    • Within MCDGV4-2 ANSI 50/51/67 can also be used on mains side
    • Additional ANSI 46G element within MCDGV4-2 available
    • The recording duration of a single wave form/disturbance record has been extended on 15 s.
    • RS485 and Ethernet can be ordered in one option
    • Voice-of-customer improvements such as an easier LED acknowledgement and undervoltage elements blockable by an undercurrent criterion.
    Interconnection / Mains Decoupling
    Feeder Protection
    Motor Protection
    Transformer Protection
    Generator Protection
    Line Differential Protection