Woodward HighPROTEC Power Protection Relays

    HighPROTEC represents Woodward’s latest generation of power protection relays with dual core processors. The new device line is designed for complete protection of power generating and distribution systems.

    During the development of the HighPROTEC Line, Woodward gives special emphasis to high flexibility and simple handling of the devices.

    All HighPROTEC relays are furnished with a high-contrast graphic display. Ongoing measuring values, messages, alarms, and fault data are displayed in clear text. Guiding text assists the operator when setting parameters. Inadmissible inputs are prevented by plausibility checks.

    All current and earth current inputs are designed for 1A and 5A. The nominal voltage of the voltage inputs and the switching thresholds of the digital inputs can be adjusted via software. The wide-range power supply unit covers all standard auxiliary voltages, both for DC and AC.


    HighPROTEC Protection and Control Applications from A to Z

    Directional feeder protection    MRA4 / MCA4      
    Generator protection with differential   MCDGV4
    Motor protection MRM4
    Motor protection with voltage MRMV4
    Overcurrent and earth fault protection; OC&EF protection            MRI4
    Transformer differential protection MRDT4 / MCDTV4
    Voltage and Frequency protection MRU4

                   MR=Protection     MC=Control and Protection



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