Industrial Turbine Actuation

    Actuation for Gas and Steam Turbine Applications

    Woodward steam and gas turbine actuation platforms meet customer system requirements that include:

    • low or high pressure
    • redundancy
    • envelope
    • installation

    Although the applications between steam and gas turbine actuators differ greatly, the foundational design requirements are common--including high reliability, customized performance, high accuracy, and fast response. Woodward is able to leverage platforms between these applications, which decreases time to market, improves performance, improves reliability, and reduces both development and recurring costs.

    Turbine Systems Integration

    As a system supplier of actuators, turbine controls, compressor controls, safety systems, sensors, and governors, Woodward provides expertise and technical support through our knowledge of the complete system and all component interactions. Our dynamics analysis group develops and completes full turbine, compressor and complete auxiliary simulations on all sizes and types of turbines. As an independent company, Woodward and its partners are able to provide full service, support, and upgrades.