Woodward Industrial Turbine & Compressor Electronic Controls

    Control Systems for Gas and Steam Turbines and Compressors 

    Control hardware/software for easy development, commissioning, startup, and operation

    Woodward programmable and configurable control systems for gas and steam turbines are purpose built with simplex, dual redundant and TMR options. All Woodward controls are designed to operate gas turbines, steam turbines, or integrated turbine/compressor systems. While standard I/O is built into the units, each control has options for communication with distributed I/O modules to provide extended application flexibility.

    Extensive experience and customer diversity has resulted in the integration of most digital communication protocols. Finally, our GAP (Graphical Application Programming) Software is designed for turbine and compressor control. The software allows control engineers, not software programmers, to develop applications in an easy-to-use, error-checking environment.

    Independent Controls Company offers Greater Flexibility 

    As an independent company, Woodward and its partners are able to provide full service, support and upgrades. Woodward takes great pride in customer support and continues to sustain fielded products for as long as parts are available. When upgrades are required, Woodward’s OEM and Channel Partners provide service on all controls. Through standardization and attention to software evolution, Woodward’s partners can adapt 1990’s software into today’s advanced control platforms with minimal or no changes required. Our world-class software environment allows for updates to in GAP, or imported as single blocks from other commonly used software environments such as Matlab, C++, etc.


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