Woodward Software for Electronic Controls

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    Software Utilized on Woodward Control Electronics

    Woodward’s programmable controls incorporate a pictures-to-code software environment that is complemented by a full suite of support tools.

    The foundation of the software environment is Woodward’s GAP™ (Graphical Application Programming) environment. This picture-to-code software allows control engineers, rather than software programmers, develop the applications. A full library of turbine control specific functionality is integrated to allow for robust, proven and verified software to reduce turbine development and commissioning time.

    To support this environment several key tools have been developed. Netsim connects turbine models to control application software to simulate all operating conditions, failure modes, etc. to fully validate the software before running the turbine during high-cost commissioning. Monitor GAP allows service personnel to view and edit runtime values. Control assistant provides powerful advanced diagnostic, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

    From the GAP software environment to the tool suite, Woodward has focused on reducing development, commissioning, maintenance and upgrade costs. 

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    Servicing Upgrades

    As an independent company, Woodward and its partners are able to provide full service, support, and upgrades. Woodward takes great pride in customer support and continues to service fielded products for as long as parts are available. When upgrades are required, Woodward’s OEM and Channel Partners provide upgrade services on all controls.

    Through standardization and attention to software evolution, Woodward’s partners are able to adapt 1990’s software to today’s advanced control platforms with minimal changes or when none are required. Our world-class software environment allows for updates to be done in GAP, or imported as single blocks from other commonly used software environments including Matlab, C++, etc.

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