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    Monitor GAP™ Graphical Application Programmer

    Monitor GAP™ is a service tool that allows gas turbine service personnel to view or edit runtime values for GAP generated application software.

    GAP software is Woodward's pictures-to-code programming tool that uses libraries of control objects that are connected in a graphical format. The final control design is displayed as a group of interconnected blocks that represent the actual functionality of the code running in the control hardware.

    Monitor GAP works in parallel with the GAP graphical display and superimposes the actual runtime values on that display. The user is then able to see all control values-true/false for Boolean variables and numeric values for real or integer variables. In addition, Monitor GAP edits variables that have been previously declared as 'tunable' in the original GAP design. The basic GAP editor includes Monitor GAP within its core structure. As such, Monitor GAP software need only be activated by installation of the GAP Editor/Monitor software and license authorization of the Monitor GAP features.

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