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    2300 Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control

    Woodward’s 2300 Electronic Load Sharing and Speed Control platform is programmable for use on steam turbines, gas turbines and engines.

    The control is typically used to provide speed and load control functions for reciprocating engines, or steam or gas turbines. The control consists of a single printed circuit board that is housed in a sheet metal enclosure. Both ordinary and hazardous location versions are available.

    The unit is intended for bulkhead mounting, and spring-loaded terminal blocks are provided for termination of field wiring. Woodward’s 2300 control is powered from 24 Vdc. Integral load sensor and load sharing capabilities are available that allow the control to be programmed for a variety of power generation applications. Isochronous load sharing, KW droop, and base load operation can be provided.

    Learn more from the 2300 product specification

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