Aircraft Turbine Fuel Nozzles

    Leaders in Aircraft Turbine Combustion Technology

    V2500 Fuel Nozzle

    Woodward is a world leader in the design, analysis, manufacturing, and test of fuel nozzles and atomization technologies. 

    Our designs enable customers to meet state-of-the-art emissions requirements, engine operability, and combustion efficiency. Woodward designs range from high performance airblast and pressure atomizing tips, to multi-circuit direct injection designs.

    By incorporating innovative valve designs and fuel control solutions, Woodward nozzles can be optimized into combustion systems that offer total weight reductions and significant improvements in system value. As a manufacturer of fuel nozzles, Woodward brings value to a wide range of business models from “build to print” to turn-key design solutions, to meet the most demanding customer requirements.

    Features include:

    • Innovative designs to enable lean burn across the aircraft operating envelope
    • World class test facilities for test across a range of temperatures and pressures – light-off, flame holding, flame stability, after burning, nozzle, and sector rig
    • Engineering capabilities and analytical tools to ensure coke-free, long life in harsh environments
    Woodward Combustion Test