Incoming and outgoing feeder protection



    Device MCA4
    Line HighPROTEC
    Binary inputs 8
    Control and detection of switchgears Yes
    Control and supervision of a circuit breaker (remote or local) 6
    Current transformer inputs 4
    Output relays 5
    Voltage transformer inputs 4
    Watchdog relay 1
    Auto reclosing AR [79] Yes
    Circuit breaker failure protection [50BF] Yes
    Directional time overcurrent protection [67] Yes
    Earth fault directional feature [67N] Yes
    Earth fault protection [50N/51N] Yes
    Fault Ride Through (FRT) Yes
    Frequency gradient [81] Yes
    Frequency protection [81O/U] Yes
    IEC 60870-5-103 Optional
    Inrush stabilisation (2nd harmonic) Yes
    IRIG-B00X Yes
    Modbus (TCP) Optional
    Modbus RTU Protocol Optional
    Motor protection: thermal protection [49] Yes
    Negative sequence protection [46] Yes
    Output relay matrix Yes
    Parameter sets 4
    Phase balance [47] Yes
    Power direction [32/37] Yes
    Profibus DP Optional
    Programmable Logic Yes
    Q->&V< Yes
    Reset / Blocking Yes
    Residual voltage [59N] Yes
    Resistance earthed / solidly earthed [50N/51N] Yes
    Synchrocheck [25] Yes
    Time Synchronization via SNTP Yes
    Sensitive EF isolated/compensated [50SN/51SN] Yes
    Thermal replica [49] Yes
    Time Date Yes
    Time overcurrent protection [50/51] Yes
    Trip- and auxiliary relays [86] Yes
    Trip circuit resp. control circuit supervision [74TC] Yes
    Vector surge / mains decoupling [78] Yes
    Voltage dependent function Yes
    Voltage protection [27/59] Yes
    Voltage transformer supervision [60FL] Yes
    IEC 61850 Optional
    Intertripping Yes
    Time Synchronization via Modbus Yes
    Time Synchronization via IEC 60870-5-103 Yes
    Voltage Restraint Overcurrent [51V] Yes
    Voltage Restraint Controlled [51C] Yes
    Demand Management Yes
    THD (Todal Harmonic Distortion) Protection Yes
    Wide Frequency Range Yes
    Disturbance recorder Yes
    Event recorder Yes
    Fault recorder (none volatile) Yes
    Trend recorder Yes
    ANSI: IEC:
    25; Synchro.
    27; U<
    32; Pr>
    37; -
    46; I2>
    47; U2>
    49; -
    50BF; CBF
    50N; IE>,IE>>
    51N; -
    51Q; I2/I1>
    51V; I>f(U)
    55; -
    59; U>
    59N; UE>
    60FL; -
    67N; IE> ->
    74TC; -
    78; ΔΘ
    79; AR/AWE
    81 U/O; f<, f>
    81R; ROCOF


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    *Only the basic device structure is shown.  Differences in detail are possible.

    Production Specification & Connection Diagram