VariStroke Configuration & Calibration

    VariStroke Training Video image

    Our VariStroke training videos provide step-by-step visual instructions on installing and calibrating your VariStroke actuator. To make downloading easier and faster, the complete training is presented in 13 sequential videos, beginning with a brief introduction that outlines the training topics.

    Click on the links below to access each training video. You can use your Internet page size adjustment or computer screen graphics setting to optimize screen resolution for best viewing size.

    1. Introduction (329 KB)
    2. Connect and Install Service Tool (1,395 KB)
    3. Startup and Initial Tool Navigation (3,112 KB)
    4. Service Tool Pages Overview (1,997 KB)
    5. Actuator Input Configuration Settings Overview (3,777 KB)
    6. Actuator Output Configuration Settings Overview (2,771 KB)
    7. Alarm and Shutdown Settings Overview (1,870 KB)
    8. Actuator Calibration (9,830 KB)
    9. Manual Operation (1,727 KB)
    10. Saving Settings (1,875 KB)
    11. Load Settings (1,543 KB)
    12. Closing Service Tool (1,112 KB)
    13. Trend Tool Overview (2,015 KB)