Directional Earth Overcurrent Protection with Display, for Compensated or Isolated Grids


    Order Variants of the XRI1E/X

    • XRI1E1R1 (earth 1 A + 100 V) – ANSI 50N, 51N, 67N
    • XRI1X1R1M (sensitive earth 1 A + 100 V) – ANSI 50Ns, 51Ns, 67Ns – Modbus RTU communication

    The digital relay type XRI1E/X has been designed as a time overcurrent protection device for the use in electrical machines, lines and grids.

    The XI1I is compliant with IEC 60255-1.

    The protective functions of the XRI can be summarized as follows:

    • Definite-time overcurrent;
    • inverse-time overcurrent with selectable characteristics;
    • two-element earth fault protection with definite or in-verse time characteristics.

    It is possible to select from the following tripping characteristics:

    • Definite time overcurrent protection (DMT)

    • Inverse time overcurrent protection (IDMT) with selectable tripping characteristics:

      • Normal Inverse

      • Very Inverse

      • Extremely Inverse

    Furthermore, the XRI1E/X can be employed as a backup protection for differential and distance protection relays.

    Connection XRI1E/X

    Overcurrent Protection

    Parameter Setting Range
    I> 0.2 … 4.0 × In
    I>> 1 … 40 × In

    0.03 … 260 s (definite time)

    0.05 … 10 s (inverse time)


    0.03 … 2 s

    Earth Fault Protection

    Parameter Setting Range
    IE> 0.01 … 2.0 × In
    IE>> 0.01 … 15 × In

    0.03 … 260 s (definite time)

    0.05 … 10 s (inverse time)


    0.03 … 2 s

    Auxiliary Voltage

    Voltage supply via wide-range power supply unit:

    Rated auxiliary voltage

    16 … 360 V DC or

    16 … 270 V AC

    Power consumption

    standby: approx. 3 W

    operating: approx. 5 W (terminals C9, E9)

    Benefits of the Professional Line

    • Fast DIN rail mounting  easy and fast mounting
    • Sealable plastic covers  safe (see if anybody has broken the seal)
    • Super easy settings via front buttons  fast without computer
    • LED and output relays fault indication  easy to find out what has happened
    • Compact form factor  fits in small spaces
    • IT security  no way to attack via Ethernet
    • Robust and reliable  well proven reliable quality
    • Wide Range Power Supply  don’t worry about available supply voltage
    • Integrated Self-Test Procedure (via button)  fast and easy checks: relays, LEDs
    • All Professional Line devices are compliant with IEC 60255-1.

    • For all relays except XD1-G and except XRI...: optional interface adapter XRS1 (order code XRS1A or XRS1*);

      for all XRI... [except XD1-G]: optional adapter RS485 to USB (order code RSC2485USB1):

       easy doing high precision settings via Windows® PC software »Smart view«

    Connection Diagram
    Professional Line Overview