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CONCYCLE Low Voltage Full Size Converters (FSC)

New concept idea for the FSC technology on a very small footprint for modern wind power plants. The modular design concept covers power classes in the range of 2MW to 6MW+.

Features of Woodward’s Low Voltage Full Size Converter platform

  • Compact and modular design for extended lifetime
  • Cost-efficient construction with high-quality standards
  •  Experienced in local content manufacturing
  • Compact and clear arrangement of components
  • Encode less control
  •  Simplified user parameter implementation


Advantages of the Low Voltage Converter:

  • No excitation losses at PM generator application
  • Full decoupling of electrical drive train from the grid
  • Torque peaks due to voltage drops from the grid are avoided by the Full Size Converter principle which ensures an extended lifetime of the gearbox
  • Easier fulfillment of more complex future grid code requirements
  • Reactive power supply even at no wind speed
  • Further reduction of inverter losses by intelligent control of IGBT modules especially in partial load operation
  • Additionally required reactive power for voltage support on weak electrical grids can be provided by modular power stack modification
  • A decentralized processor unit (DCU) in each inverter cabinet controls and protects the IGBT power modules and increases their reliability




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