Motor Protection

    Motor Protection

    The MRMV4 is designed for motor protection applications and has a large package of monitoring and protection functions, such as motor star-up, thermal overload, incomplete start-up sequence. Voltage, power and frequency are supervised as well. The motor temperature can be monitored via an external sensor box (URTD).

    The device is a benchmark in flexibility and usability and offers various communication options. The hardware is designed for all nominal values in combination with protection and control functionality.

    The intuitive operating concept with plausibility checks and extensive commissioning functions such as the built-in fault simulator allows a safe and time-optimized maintenance and commissioning. The parameter setting and evaluation software can be used consistently across the entire family of devices.

    ANSI: 46, 49M, 49R, 49S, 50J, 37, 50, 51, 50N, 51N, 50Ns, 51Ns, 27, 59, 59N, 47, 32, 55, 81U/O, 81R, 78, 60FL, 86, 50BF, 74TC , 38

    Device MRMV4
    Line HighPROTEC
    Binary inputs 10(+8)
    Analog Outputs Optional
    Control and detection of switchgears Yes
    Control and supervision of a circuit breaker (remote or local) 1
    Current transformer inputs 8
    Output relays 6(+6)
    Voltage transformer inputs 4
    Watchdog relay 1
    Auto reclosing AR [79] Yes
    Circuit breaker failure protection [50BF] Yes
    Current transformer supervision [60FL] Yes
    Differential protection: Generator [87G] Yes
    Differential protection: Transformer [87T] Yes
    Earth fault directional feature [67N] Yes
    Earth fault protection [50N/51N] Yes
    Frequency gradient [81] Yes
    Frequency protection [81O/U] Yes
    IEC 60870-5-103 Optional
    Inrush stabilisation (2nd harmonic) Yes
    IRIG-B00X Yes
    Modbus (TCP) Optional
    Modbus RTU Protocol Optional
    Motor protection: incomplete start [48] Yes
    Motor protection: locked rotor [51] Yes
    Motor protection: max. number of starts [66] Yes
    Motor protection: thermal protection [49] Yes
    Motor protection: undercurrent [37] Yes
    Negative sequence protection [46] Yes
    Output relay matrix Yes
    Parameter sets 4
    Phase balance [47] Yes
    Power direction [32/37] Yes
    Profibus DP Optional
    Programmable Logic Yes
    Reset / Blocking Yes
    Residual voltage [59N] Yes
    Resistance earthed / solidly earthed [50N/51N] Yes
    Time Synchronization via SNTP Yes
    Sensitive EF isolated/compensated [50SN/51SN] Yes
    Thermal replica [49] Yes
    Time Date Yes
    Time overcurrent protection [50/51] Yes
    Trip- and auxiliary relays [86] Yes
    Trip circuit resp. control circuit supervision [74TC] Yes
    Vector surge / mains decoupling [78] Yes
    Voltage protection [27/59] Yes
    Voltage transformer supervision [60FL] Yes
    IEC 61850 Optional
    Time Synchronization via Modbus Yes
    Time Synchronization via IEC 60870-5-103 Yes
    Voltage Restraint Overcurrent [51V] Yes
    Voltage Restraint Controlled [51C] Yes
    THD (Todal Harmonic Distortion) Protection Yes
    RTD Temperature Protection [23] Optional
    Wide Frequency Range Yes
    Disturbance recorder Yes
    Event recorder Yes
    Fault recorder (none volatile) Yes
    Motor Start Recorder Yes
    Trend recorder Yes
    ANSI: IEC:
    27; U<
    32; S<,S<<,S>,S>>
    32F/R; Pf>, Pr>
    32R; Pr>
    46; I2>
    47; U2>
    48; -
    49; -
    50; I>,I>>
    50BF; CBF
    50N; IE>,IE>>
    50Ns/51Ns; INsensitiv>
    50S; I>,I>> sensitiv
    51; I>t>, I>>t
    51LR; -
    51LRS; -
    51N; -
    55; PF
    59; U>
    59N; UE>
    60FL; -
    81; f<, f>
    81 0; f>
    81 U/O; f<, f>
    81R; ROCOF
    81RL; f<, f>
    86; -


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