Woodward PG Governors for Large Engines

    Proven and reliable hydraulic-mechanical governor technology for large engines and turbines

    Woodward's PG pressure-compensated governor line effectively controls the speed of the largest engines and turbines with work capacities ranging from 12 to 500 ft-lb (16 to 678 J). Choose the models from the list below that suit your applications.



    Woodward PG dial governors control the speed of diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines, including applications such as:

    • engines driving pumps
    • compressors
    • alternators
    • variable speed DC generators
    • marine propulsion units
    • paper machines

    Besides controlling speed, PG governors can also limit load and shut down the engine when the lubricating oil pressure fails. Woodward customizes each PG governor to meet the needs of the engine and the application.

    Product information:36010 Product Specification / 54056 Technical Manual / 36600 Technical Manual


    PG-200 / PG-300

    Woodward PG-200/PG-300 governors are designed to control speed and provide auxiliary PG limiting and control functions for large engines or turbines which require work capacity beyond the standard PG governor. With 237 or 422 J (175 or 311 ft-lb) of work capacity over 40° of output, the unit allows direct control of many engines without modification of the fuel system or use of auxiliary amplifiers.

    Product information:36619 Product Specification / 36618 Technical Manual 



    Providing 648 J (478 lb-ft) maximum work capacity, the PG-500 governor is designed to control engine speed and provide auxiliary functions for very large engines or steam turbines.

     Available optional features include:

    • Governor heat exchanger
    • Booster servomotors
    • Vibration-resistant accumulators
    • Safety shutdown and alarms


    Product information:36634 Product Specification / 36633 Technical Manual



    The PGA is a pressure-compensated, hydraulic governor that uses an air signal to establish the engine speed setting of the governor.

    The PGA features:

    • Isochronous or droop control
    • Available work capacities from 16 to 678 J (12 to 500 ft-lb) output capacities
    • Rotary or linear output


    Product information:36701 Product Specification / 36638 Product Specification / 36604 Technical Manual



    Similar to the PGA governor, the PGA-EG features mechanical ballhead backup for marine propulsion or other critical applications.

    Product information:36635 Product Specification / 54069 Technical Manual / 54065 Technical Manual



    The PGG is a mechanical-hydraulic, pressure-compensated governor that can set speed or power output from a remote location. It combines a permanent-magnet, speed-setting motor for accurate remote speed adjustment with speed-droop adjustment and load-limit control features. Manual speed setting at the governor is also provided. Pressure-actuated or electric-solenoid shutdown is available, in addition to other PG auxiliary devices.

    Product information:36626 Product Specification / 36627 Technical Manual 



    Similar to the PGG governor with remote speed setting capabilities, the PGA-EG features mechanical ballhead backup for marine propulsion or other critical applications.

    Product information:03381 Product Specification / 36637 Technical Manual


    PG-PL for Compressor or Pump Applications

    The PG-PL is a pressure compensated, isochronous control type governor widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps, and compressors. It's work capacity ranges from 12-58 ft-lb (16-79 J).

    Product information:36700 Product Specification / 36694 Technical Manual / 54052 Technical Manual


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    36652 PG Automatic Safety Shutdowns & Alarms

    36646 PG Auxiliary Compatible Torque Limiter

    36693 PG Base Assemblies

    36623 PG Dial Governor, Back Pressure Controller

    36622 PG Dial Governor, Speed Droop Linkage Mechanism

    36404 PG Governing Troubles, Analysis & Correction of

    36614 PG Governor Dial Type Speed Setting

    36615 PG Governor Lever Type Speed Setting

    36014 PG Governor Speed Adjusting Motor

    36621 PG Governor Speed Droop Linkage

    36602 PG Governor w/ Differential Servomotor, Basic Elements

    36670 PG Governor w/ Proportional Pneumatic Output Signal

    36631 PG Governor w/ Trque Adv at Idle, Man Press Bias Ld Cntrl & Fuel Lim

    36601 PG Governor, Absolute Manifold Pres Bias Load Cntr & Fuel Limit

    36644 PG Governor, Motor Speed Setting

    36036 PG Governor, Starting Fuel Limiter

    36608 PG Governor, Transducer Type Load Control (LVDT)

    36630 PG Governors, Basic Load Control System

    36642 PG Governors, Dynamic Brake Control

    36691 PG Governors, Electronic Speed Setting (PG-TR)

    36640 PG Governors, Extensible Tailrod

    36405 PG Governors, Special Tools

    36607 PG Governors, Two-Slope Load Control

    36695 PG Manifold Air Pressure Bias Fuel Limiter

    36661 PG Manifold Gauge Pressure Fuel Limiter

    36697 PG Manual Reset Device for De-Energized-to-Shutdown

    36605 PG Overspeed Trip Test Device

    36692 PG Power Cylinder Assemblies

    36680 PG Preloaded Buffer Springs

    36651 PG Pressure Actuated Shutdown Assembly

    36053 PG Rail Enhancement Kit 8956-501

    36685 PG Shutdown Solenoid Dial & Lever

    36660 PG Speed Setting Fuel Limiter

    36662 PG Torque Limit Control with Speed Droop

    37517 PG-12R/PG-12L Actuator

    PG-35 / 50 / 200 / 300 / 500 

    36054 PG-200/300 & PG-500 Governors, Dual Buffer System

    36603 PG-35 & PG-50 Governors


    36606 PGA Governor 8554-255 (supplement to 36604)

    36643 PGA Governor, Lever Speed Setting

    54054 PGA Governor Installation

    36679 PGA Governor, Pneumatic Load Balance System

    36686 PGA Governors, Pneumatic Load Balance Sys

    36702 PGA/PG-PL Governors, Weatherproofing Kit

    36650 PGA/PGPL Solenoid Operated Shutdown Assembly

    36636 PGA-58 & 200/300 Vibration Resistant Governor

    36629 PGA-TL Governor 8558-657


    36653 PGD/PGL Governors, Pressure Actuated Shutdown

    54053 PGE & PGEV Locomotive Governor Installation

    36703 PGE & PGEV Locomotive Governors

    36628 PGEV Governor 8573-463/494, 8570-687, 8559-910

    37519 PGPL Actuator/Driver

    82328 PGTM-200 Actuator

    36696 PG-TR Electronic Speed Setting 8272-639


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