Electrical Plant Engineering

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    The complete electrical plant engineering for power stations is one of Woodward’s core competencies

    Responsibility of self-contained and continuous technical clarification with all parties and technical departments includes clarification of interfaces with mechanical plant engineering and/or civil engineering to ensure proper co-operation and co-ordination. 

    Electrical Plant Engineering can be divided into several sections: 

    • Cable engineering 

      • Cable design calculation  
      • Cable list (incl. bill of material) 
      • Cable core list 


    • Cable routing and installation engineering 

      • Cable routing design engineering with cable trays, ladders and pipes 
      • Cable tray, ladder and pipe list (incl. bill of material) 
      • Installation engineering (incl. bill of material) 
      • 2D layout for cable routings, panel arrangement with cable openings 
      • 3D model for cable routings 


    • Grounding system inside power house (incl. design and bill of material) 
    • Grounding system outside power house 
    • Lightning system 
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