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    Woodward provides complete Network Studies for Power Distribution Systems

    The objective of the network study is to analyse the network with regard to load flow and short-circuit withstand and to verify the present protection concept under consideration of the necessary coordination. The Network Study is divided into the main chapters "Load Flow Study, "Short-Circuit Study" taking into account the effects on the network structure and network operation, and "Network Protection" which covers the protection concept, protection coordination and settings of the protection relays.

    Load Flow Study Results:

    • Indication of non-permissible deviations of calculated network node voltages from their rated voltages (voltage drop of all network elements)
      » voltage profile for all network nodes
    • Indication of non-permissible deviations of calculated network branch currents from theri rated currents.
      » load profile for all network branches
    • Maximum Reactive Currents, Total Network Power Losses and Reactive Power Distribution


    Short-Circuit Study Results: 

    • System Design:
      Selection and dimensioning of electrical equipment by means of the calculated maximum short-circuit currents. 
      3-pole short-circuit current                  I“K,max,3pol I“ 
    • Protection Design:
      Selection, pick-up setting reliability and coordination securing of protection relays by means of the calculated minimum short-circuit currents.
      2-pole short-circuit current                   I“K,min,2pol I“
      » 1-pole short-circuit current                   I“K,min,1polI“


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