Woodward Position Sensors

High-Reliability RVDTs, LVDTs, and Synchro/Resolvers in Basic and Custom-Packaged Configurations 

 Multi-channel & extended rangeLVDTs 

Woodward has been a leading supplier of high-reliability, precision rotary and linear motion sensing devices for over 30 years. Our design team has produced custom-packaged sensor solutions for the most challenging environmental conditions, envelope constraints, and performance requirements.
Sensor Packaging Variants 

Woodward’s position sensor product offerings include: 

 Load Sensing System 

Additionally, Woodward offers complete sensing system solutions, that combine position, force, pressure, switching, temperature, and other sensor types into a complete integrated sensing package.

Additional Information
To learn more about Woodward’s standard products and custom capabilities, please contact us at afs-sensors@woodward.com.
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