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    Woodward is an independent supplier of Systems and Components for the Power Generation and Distribution market. Decades of experience, combined with continuous improvement into our protection relays, benefit our customers.

    The modular-designed product families provide Woodward’s customers with an array of solutions for Mains Decoupling, Feeder, Motor, Transformer, Generator, and Line Protection. Our customers find precisely the right products or systems to meet their requirements thanks to our solution-oriented consultancy.

    Woodward offers you unsurpassed control and protection system solutions for every type of power generation and distribution application, from the simplest to the most complex.



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    HighPROTEC Line
    HighPROTEC stands for the most sophisticated relays with the highest adaptability to specific grid requirements (grid codes).

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    Mains Decoupling

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    System Line
    These Protection and Control Systems offer a very high degree of functionality with a separated operation panel (HMI).

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    Feeder Protection

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    High Tech Line
    These relays combine well-proven technology and easy handling.

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    Motor Protection

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    Professional Line
    Comprehensive protective functions and a competitive price performance ratio are the hallmarks of these relays.

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    Transformer Protection

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    WI LineAll relays from this line are self-powered time overcurrent relays, i.e. they take their energy from the current transformers.

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    Generator Protection

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    Basic Line
    The right choice for low voltage applications.

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    Line Differential Protection

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