Woodward Remote Weapon Station

Based on extensive experience with Cadillac Gage® turret drive systems, Woodward has developed a world class Remote Weapon Station System product line for applications on:


  • Armored fighting vehicles
  • Tactical and logistics vehicles
  • Helicopters and air vehicles
  • Naval and marine applications


Our SCUL™ (Small Caliber Ultra Light) RWS was selected by the U.S. Marine Corps for its M1A2 ILWS (Integrated Loader’s Weapon Station) requirement. The system demonstrated exceptional accuracy in U.S. Army firing trials.

The SCUL™ RWS is available for gun sizes up to .50 caliber, and our product capabilities include larger gun systems for specialized ground, air, and naval applications.

SCUL_group-with caption.JPG 

Woodward’s RWS systems incorporate a full complement of capabilities and options including:

• Multi-axis motion control
• Full stabilization, including tilt and cant compensation
• Color day camera and night thermal imagery
• Laser range finder
• Fire control
• Integrated or discrete operator controls and color display
• High volume ammunition capacities and feed
• Programmable targeting and operational functions
• Options for added armor protection

Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology gun-turret and Remote Weapon Station solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at SmartDefense@Woodward.com. 





Cadillac Gage® is the registered trademark of Textron Innovations, Inc. 


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