Small Business & Diversity


    Message from Tom Gendron, President and CEO

    Woodward has successfully implemented our strategic plan to be a systems integrator. This was accomplished in part by working cooperatively with our small and diverse suppliers, who enable us to develop creative, cost-effective solutions for our customers.
    Woodward strives to maintain our Small and Diverse suppliers. Woodward provides small and diverse businesses the opportunity to be considered for procurement subcontracts. If you are a small or diverse business with the high integrity Woodward expects, please complete a supplier survey. You may be just the supplier we are looking for.


     Message from Mark Schnorenberg, Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO)

    Woodward is committed to meeting the goals set by the Federal Acquisition Regulations and Public Law in the sub-classifications that make up Woodward's small business spend. Additionally, we strive to include diverse suppliers as part of our supply chain. As the SBLO for Woodward, it is my responsibility to establish the plan and provide guidance and direction to help Woodward reach those goals.

    I encourage you, as a potential Small or Diverse Supplier to Woodward, to enter the reps and certs site and register as a potential supplier.
    Thank you for your interest in Woodward, and I hope one day to count you as one of our Small or Diverse Business Success Stories.