Woodward Mechanical Governor for Steam Turbines

    Mechanical Governors for Steam Turbine Applications


    UG-40 Governor

    UG-40 mechanical governors provide larger speed turbine speed or load control. Lever speed setting options are primarily for propulsion engines. Steam turbine applications utilize governor drive speeds of 350 to 1050, or 550 to 1300 rpm. Dial or motor speed setting is primarily used for power generation installations.

    All UG-40 governors have adjustable compensation. A pointer on the governor sets and indicates the amount of compensation. Compensation allows isochronous speed control. Compensation is temporary. A needle valve sets the speed at which compensation is removed from the governor speed setting. Special damped ballheads and spring-driven drives are available for engines with rough governor drives.

    Droop is available in UG-40 Governors to allow load sharing between multiple engines or power generation against an infinite bus.

    UG-40s have internal, self-contained oil supplies. The governors provide 38° of output shaft travel. Recommended usable rotation is 2/3 of the maximum, or 25°.

    Learn more from the UG40 product specification