System Line


    All-in-One System Line Devices

    Woodward’s digital “all-in-one” devices offer protection, control, supervision – complete solutions for medium voltage systems up to 132 kV. Safe feeder, line/cable, or transformer protection can be realized in the simplest way.

    The CSP systems control nearly all switchgears on the market, and take into consideration all field interlockings and interlockings at station level. The CSP system consists of one main unit CSP, which is designed for mounting in the low voltage compartment, and a separate indication and operating unit CMP for door installation.

    Profibus DP or Modbus RTU coupling to your SCADA system can be achieved via standardized interfaces such as IEC870-5-103.

    highprotec_line_thumb.jpg  HighPROTEC Line
    This product line stands for the most sophisticated Protection Relays with the highest adaptability to Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, and High Voltage Systems.
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    high_tech_line_thumb.jpg  High Tech Line
    These modular relays combine well-proven technology with easy handling. 
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    wi_line_thumb.jpg  WI Line
    All relays from this line are self-powered time overcurrent relays, receiving their energy from the current transformers.
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    professional_line_thumb.jpg  Professional Line
    Comprehensive protective functions and competitive performance ratio are the hallmark of these relays.
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    basic_line_thumb.jpg  Basic Line
    The right choice for small, low-voltage applications.
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    multifunction_line_thumb.jpg  Multifunction Line
    The Multifunction Line is a family of industrial grade protective relays that offer multiple protective features in a single package.
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