Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Water Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    3151A Water Valve/TM-40LP Actuator

    Woodward’s 3151A Water Valve with TM40LP Actuator controls water flow to reduce overall emissions of aeroderivative gas turbines.

    3151A Water Valve 

    Woodward’s 3151A Water Valve is intended for use with high-pressure, centrifugal-type pumps, and provides controlled bypass flow for pump stability and heat balance considerations. Critical internal parts are constructed from ceramic materials to prevent galling and resist erosion and cavitation in areas subject to high-velocity water streams.

    TM-40LP Actuator 

    Woodward’s TM-40LP Actuator is an electro-hydraulic unit that receives a 20 to 200 mA control signal and converts the current command into a proportional position of the actuator output shaft. In order to provide additional position accuracy, we can supply an optional position feedback transducer that allows the control system to trim the valve position.

    Learn more from the 3151A Water Valve product specification