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     Wind Converter-560

     Woodward is one of the leading wind converter suppliers for renewable energy generation. More than 9,500 installed converters in onshore and offshore applications provide Woodward the competence and experience to be a leader in the wind energy business. Precise and intelligent control algorithms of CONCYCLE® wind converters, in combination with variable-speed generators, create an optimized power-generation system with power plant quality. 


    • Compact and modular design for highest energy performance
    • Designed for actual grid code requirements
    • Reactive power management
    • Active drive train damping during “Fault Ride Through”
    • Optimized system efficiency
    • Dynamical grid stabilization with optimized voltage and frequency control
    • Full size converter and DFIG converter solutions available


    Woodward’s CONCYCLE® Wind Converter Family


    Doubly Fed Induction Generators, open cabinet

    Low Voltage Converters for
    Doubly Fed Induction Generators

    CONCYCLE® wind converters have considerably enhanced the success of large wind turbines. The excellent reliability and quality of CONCYCLE® wind converters results in a perfect power-generating system for variable-speed wind turbines. High technology provides the best method of integrating modern wind power plants into the supply chain of renewable energy. The modular design covers power classes from 1.25MW to 6MW. 
    Concycle Doubly Fed Induction Generators   

     Low Voltage Full-Sz Converters for Synchronous Generators - open cabinet

    Low Voltage Full Size Converters for
    Synchronous Generators

    The CONCYCLE® wind converter sets benchmarks in product innovation for compact and modular system design. Woodward’s CONCYCLE® wind converter is successfully established in onshore and offshore wind turbines and is constantly being developed in accordance with the latest international grid code requirements. This is verified by simulations and successful field tests in the system variations for 50 Hz and 60 Hz grids. The modular design covers power classes from 2MW to 5MW. Please also consider in this specific context the wind generator-converter system VETACON.

    Low Voltage Full Size Converter for Permanent Magnet Generators


    Medium Voltage Full Size Conververter for
    Synchronous Generators

    The modular design of CONCYCLE® medium voltage, full size converters currently covers power classes from 4 MW to 10 MW. Woodward’s medium voltage converter system has been specifically designed for operation in extremely harsh environments. Construction is completely sealed based on years of experience with offshore installations.

    Medium Voltage Full Size Converter for Permanent Magnet Generators 






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