Aerospace Customer Support

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    Excellent product support and total customer satisfaction is Woodward's commitment to the commercial and military fleets of the world. We are a major controls supplier for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft, and a controls and combustion supplier across all military and commercial sectors.  Woodward is focused on achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, by providing our customers with support tools to ensure high quality repairs, overhauls, and spare parts supply, while ensuring the quickest possible turnaround.


    Woodward MPC is a provider of world class products and incredible service. We take great pride in providing our customers with excellent customer service. Should you have any questions or issues, we invite you to take advantage of one of the several avenues we provide to get you the service you need. 

    Woodward MPC is distinguished by its high degree of responsiveness to its customers.  Our aftermarket support services include: maintenance and overhaul manuals, 24-hour, 7-day-a-week AOG service, SPEC 2000 and ATA 200 provisioning, training, logistic support, and technical data publications -- available for aerospace manufacturers and airlines worldwide.

    Additionally, Woodward MPC stocks a spare parts inventory and maintains dedicated personnel to assure a fast turn-around time for repairs. Woodward MPC is FAA-approved as a manufacturer's maintenance facility for repairs and overhauls. 

    Woodward MPC offers a unique level of customer and product support and is dedicated to providing the complete attention you need in today's competitive market.


    For service or technical support, email aftermarket.quotes@woodward.com or call +1-847-673-8300.


    Regional Support Information 

    Woodward MPC
    6300 West Howard Street
    Niles, Ilinois  60714  USA

    At Woodward HRT, we believe that the state-of-the-art technology we deliver in our products should be reflected in the service we provide to our customers.


    Product or Technical Support
    For Service or Technical Support, email whrtSupport@woodward.com or call 800-235-3330 or +1 661-294-6000.


    Regional Support Information

    Woodward HRT
    25200 West Rye Canyon Road
    Santa Clarita, California  913555  USA

    To support the needs of customers worldwide, Woodward offers customer service and AOG support from two locations: Rockford, Illinois, USA and Prestwick, Scotland.


    AOG Support

    Woodward provides 24-hour AOG service. Please see our AOG Support page for details.


    Customer Support

    Woodward provides customer support Monday-Friday during normal daytime work hours. In the US, please call Woodward's convenient toll free number at +1 888-273-8817. For assistance from Woodward's Scotland Facility, please call +44 1292 677600 or fax +44 1292 677612.