Woodward Aircraft Fuel Metering Valves

    Highest accuracy, lowest cost metering solutions for advanced aircraft turbines

    Woodward provides aircraft turbine engines with highly accurate and reliable fuel metering functionality. As an extension of our core competencies, Woodward offers the ability to leverage low-cost, lightweight fuel metering technologies into fuel components and systems. These stand alone devices, which typically include a first stage jet pipe, nozzle flapper, or motor-driven hydraulic amplifier, deliver state-of-the-art proportional and closed loop fuel metering control to 1% accuracy.

    Design features include:

    • Decades of industry leading fielded pedigree with proportional, closed loop, fail-safe, and fail-fixed modular systems
    • Dedicated analysis team to facillitate system level trade offs among critical mission requirements such as metering accuracy versus recurring cost
    • Virtually unlimited flow and accuracy capabilities, up to 50,000 pph metered flow 

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