Woodward Cyclic and Collective Sticks


    LRU Control Sticks and Collective Feel Systems for Commercial and Defense Rotorcraft Applications

    Cyclic Centerstick  Cyclic Sidestick  


    Cyclic and Collective Sticks
    Woodward takes a modular design approach to rotorcraft collective stick systems in order to minimize installation time and modern plug-and-play, fly-by-wire interface. Our systems are all LRUs (line-replaceable units), and typically include a collective actuator, pilot and copilot feel units, as well as pilot and copilot control stick interfaces.  

    Feel and Sensing Modules
    Woodward rotary actuators allow for the incorporation of a variety of auxiliary components such as brakes, clutches, anti-backlash gears, and special seals. Our actuators perform a variety of functions in the cockpit, including trim control and autopilot control.

    Woodward offers these actuators as independent LRUs to perform these functions for new designs or for upgrades to legacy systems. Woodward’s actuation systems also provide for redundant schemes involving velocity, or torque, summing of two or more motors. We make our position and velocity transducers available for discrete actuator-control requirements and easy integration.

    Woodward is at the forefront of providing reliable and affordable, advanced technology cyclic and collective sticks solutions. For more information or assistance with your particular application, contact us at  afs-cockpit@woodward.com