Woodward Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

    Electronic unit fuel injection systems for diesel engine performance, durability, and emissions requirements.

    Woodward designs, develops, and manufactures high-pressure electronically controlled unit fuel injection systems for all types of medium- and high-speed engines used in marine, locomotive, power generation and other hig-output industrial applications.

    Woodward’s electronic unit fuel injection systems are designed and developed to meet the challenges of existing and future engine design and the requirements to support the need to improve engine performance and durability while meeting the relevant emissions targets. They are designed for industrial (non-automotive) engines. Key considerations related to extended lifetimes, and time between services, are built into the robust design of the Woodward electronic unit fuel injection systems.

    Designs include both the unit pump-pipe-injector type system (EUP) or the electronic unit injector (EUI) type system, for operation on many fuel types and grades, including heavy fuel oil.


    Electronic Injection Valve

    Electronic valve and solenoid assembly required for exact quantity and injection timing control

    Electronic Unit Injector

    Application of Woodward electronic injection system onto an EUI platform
    ECM3  Fuel Injection Controller

    ECM3 Fuel Injection Controller

    Fuel injection control unit