Woodward E3 All-Encompassing Engine and Emissions Control Systems

    Gas Engine Control Systems 

    E3 Applications 

    Whether driving generators, compressors, or pumps, gas engines fueled by natural and renewable gas are economically attractive and environmentally responsible energy sources. The availability, reliability, and performance of gas engines are well known. And, now Woodward helps keep these engines performing optimally while maintaining compliance with existing exhaust emissions regulations. Woodward's E3 engine and emissions control systems are fitted to either rich burn or lean burn gas engines. The product line is comprised of proven technologies for rich burn trim, lean burn trim, lean burn full authority and lean burn fuel blending engine control systems.

    Key applications are:
    • Rich- and lean-burn air-fuel ratio trim systems
    • Full-authority, mass flow metering air-fuel ratio control, including the blending of two different gaseous fuels

    E3 engine and emissions control systems are capable of controlling all types of gas engines. Click here for a brief overview of the E3 product line or click on the links at right for details on specific systems.