Woodward Electronic Controls for Engines

As the world's largest independent manufacturer of prime mover controls, Woodward is both a market and technology leader.

Woodward has served the diesel and gas engine markets for many years, and continues to meet your demands for:

  • more efficient engine management
  • exhaust emission control
  • digital control systems
  • air and fuel valves
  • engine ECUs
  • power management controls

Woodward serves OEM, packager, and end-user customers primarily in the areas of:

  • power generation
  • gas compression
  • alternative fuel vehicles
  • locomotives
  • marine propulsion and auxiliary power
  • mobile and industrial equiopment

High-quality/high-value solutions and excellent service combine to make Woodward the industry leader.


Analog Controls

Analog Controls

Woodward has provided customers with high-quality analog controllers for over a quarter century with the 2301A and EPG speed control product lines. Woodward has demonstrated long-term customer commitment and loyalty by providing technical support and continuous improvements for these controls.
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Pre-Programmed Controls

Pre-Programmed Controls

Woodward offers a variety of speed, speed/load and detonation detection controls for use on electric generator systems, pumps, and off-highway vehicles. Click on the links below for more information on these products.
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Programmable Controls

Programmable Controls

Woodward provides a variety of programmable digital controls used to develop and deploy a customer’s control strategies.
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