Energy Storage

Electrical energy storage for grid support gains increased significance, last not least with the increased importance of renewable energies. Woodward IDS has developed two systems in order to be able to serve the market. The two systems are:

1. Short time energy storage with Super Capacitors

Energy storage for compensating short peak power demands or power fluctuations in the time frame from seconds to minutes.

2. Long time energy storage with batteries

Energy storage, which allows power to be delivered over hours. Important for the support of weak grids with peak demands and to be able to make better use of renewable energy production (wind and solar) by bridging the gap between production and demand.


Energy Storage with Super Caps

Woodward IDS Energy Storage with Super Caps (IESC) is a modular system, which can be connected to a system that already has a main converter with DC Bus. Energy storage is used in installations where large amounts of energy are needed for a short period of time and are then followed by longer periods in which almost no energy is consumed. This way energy storage reduces the needed energy resources and provides smaller grid operators with the possibility of supplying consumers with short-term high-energy demands.

IESC base module provides 500 kVA and includes:

  • Super Caps Pack (Super Caps and monitoring electronics for each capacitor)
  • DC/DC or DC/AC converter for 500 kVA
  • Control unit


The DC/DC converter includes a closed loop control system and offers the following features:

  • Limitation of output Current
  • Closed loop control of output voltage
  • Limitation of the power during charging period


By parallel arrangement of 10 modules, output power of up to 5 MVA can be provided.


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  • Energy Storage with Batteries

    The Woodward IDS Energy Storage System with batteries (IESB) is a modular system. The converter acts as the interface between battery strings and the AC grid. Energy Storage with batteries is used to support the distribution system and the grid by providing power when it is needed and to absorb power when the production is larger than the demand.

    Typical applications are:

    • Renewable energy (wind, tidal, solar)
      Buffer storage in island grids with renewable energy production, to bridge the gap between production and demand.
    • Ancillary services
      Replacement of idling spinning reserve for power/frequency control.
    • Peak shaving, load leveling
      In grids where certain loads over many minutes or hours exceed the capacity of the distribution system or to limit the demand charges of factories with peak loads.


    The basic converter system is modular design and permits configuration for various power ratings.


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