Woodward Actuators for Diesel and Gas Engines

    Forming the foundation of full electronic control 

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    In addition to completely integrated control systems, Woodward provides individual control component technologies that integrate easily with other controls to provide total engine equipment control that meets user requirements for efficiency, emissions, performance, and reliability. Our linear, rotary, hydro-mechanical, and gear motor actuators are put to work in systems that include turbocharger bypass and recirculation valves, EGR valves, fuel rack control, mass flow metering valves, throttle valves, and wastegate valves. The variety of net force, torque, and bore sizes (on our integrated throttle body actuators) allow usage on engines ranging in size from 1 L to over 40 MW.

    Benefits of Woodward Actuation Technologies

    • Better engine responsiveness and performance through tighter speed control
    • Lower emissions through improved air/fuel ratio control
    • Better system operation through fully integrated functionality and proven reliability 



    Whatever your force, travel, terminal connection, or mounting requirements, you’ll find a Woodward actuator to meet your needs. Click on the links below to learn more about these linear actuators. 


    DYNA 2000 and DYNA 2500

    DYNA Plus

    Woodward has a variety of rotary actuators suitable for both large and small engines. Click on the links below to learn more about specific products within an actuator family.


    LAT (Limited Angle Torque)


    R-Series (not yet released)


    Our extensive product line of hydro-mechanical actuators provides unique control solutions for diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, or steam and industrial gas turbines. Click on the link below to learn more about specific product families.

    Hydro-Mechanical Actuators

    Woodward's high torque gear motor actuators control the position of engine fuel racks, turbine fuel valves, turbine and turbocharger variable geometry, and handle fuel injection timing control racks. Click on the link below to learn more about these actuators.

    EM-80 / EM-300

     View or download product information on Woodward integrated throttle body actuators (ITBs).

     F-Series ITB 

     F-Series Throttle (FST)
    33mm / 48mm / 60mm / 68mm / 75mm bore sizes
    14-pin connectors
    PWM position demand

    F- Series Throttle Plus (FSTP)

    33mm / 48mm / 60mm / 68mm / 75mm bore sizes
    23-pin connectors
    PWM, CAN, 0-5 Vdc, or 4-20 mA position demands

    Flo-Tech ITB 

    33mm / 48mm / 60mm / 68mm / 75mm bore sizes 
    PWM, 0-5 Vdc, 4-20 mA, and 0-200mA position demands





    ProAct ITB 

    85mm, 95mm, 105mm, 120mm, 135mm 160mm, 180mm bore sizes



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