Woodward Industrial Turbine Gas Fuel Valves

    Gas Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbine Applications

    Woodward’s control and shutoff valve platforms are designed for small, aeroderivative, and heavy frame turbines in single- or multi-valve skids. Hydraulic or electric actuation of the fuel valves is available.

    Gas fuel control valves in aero-derivative turbine applications are normally designed with a rotating, shearing style metering port to reduce the negative effects of poor gas quality. Solenoid operated Class VI gas fuel shutoff valves complement the control valves within the overall fuel system design. These component valves can be integrated into a full fuel skid for multi-port fuel manifolds used in many low emissions applications.

    Woodward also supplies gas control valves for heavy frame gas turbines. Fuel control valves are available in several sizes with either hydraulic or electric actuation. The integrated valve/actuator contains options for high-temperature applications, hydraulic or electric trips, and a variety of flow capacities. A separate valve is available to control the system fuel pressure upstream from the main control valves. This unit also includes an integral fuel shutoff.

    The Swift valve product line was developed for micro/mini turbines with the focus maintaining low cost without sacrificing performance or accuracy.

    In addition to individual control and shutoff valves, Woodward has developed a wide range of complete fuel systems. These fuel systems can be modeled and tested as a system in order to provide desired performance prior to manufacturing and/or full engine testing. Depending on the turbines’ requirements they can include sensors, shutoff valves, bleed valves, drain valves, etc.

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