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    Gas Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    3103/EM35MR Gas Fuel Control Valve

    Woodward’s 3103 control valve is an electric, stainless steel valve for use on DLE and SAC based aeroderivative gas turbines.

    Our valve is capable of metering gas flow between 50 and 40 000 lb/hr (23 and 18 144-kg/hr). It is designed to be corrosion resistant and self-cleaning, allowing it to operate in sour gas environments (high sulfur content gas) that can cause problems for other valves. When used in conjunction with an EM35MR actuator and EM 24V digital driver, the 3103 valve delivers the demanding accuracy needed for DLE applications. The EM35MR electric actuator provides a more robust and reliable actuator platform as it eliminates the need for high maintenance hydraulic systems.

    Learn more from the 3103/EM35MR product specification. 

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