Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Gas Fuel Control Valves for Gas Turbines


    Electric Gas Metering Valve Gas Control Valve (EGMV)

    Woodward’s EGMV (Electric Gas Metering Valve) controls gas fuel flow into the combustion system of an industrial or aeroderivative gas turbine. The valve and all-electric actuator are integrated for precise gas flow under all operating conditions, and is available in either a 2” contoured plug design or a 3” cage valve design. Both sizes provide a linear effective area characteristic that is proportional to valve stroke.

    The EGMV is supplied with an integral all-electric actuator that uses a brushless dc motor to drive the valve mechanism. A motor position resolver within the motor assembly acts as the primary motor commutation and actuator/valve position feedback device. This position signal is used by the external Woodward DVP (Digital Valve Positioner) as feedback to properly position the EGMV.

    A second resolver is attached to the valve stem and acts as a backup to the primary motor resolver. The actuator portion of the EGMV Gas Control Valve uses a soft stop spring that prevents the actuator from slamming into the minimum stop position in cases of fault detection.

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