Woodward Industrial Turbine Fuel Control Valves

    Fuel Control Valve Drivers for Gas Turbines


    EM/LQ Digital Driver (EM24V Digital Driver)

    Woodward’s EM/LQ Digital Driver controls the electric actuators for Woodward gas turbine fuel and water valves used on industrial gas turbines. Current valve/actuator products that utilize the driver include:

    • LQ25, LQ25T, LQ Bypass Liquid Fuel Valves
    • 3151A/EML100 Water Valves
    • 3103/EM35MR Gas Fuel Valves
    • 3171/EM35MR Gas Fuel Valves
    • EBV63/EM35MR
    • EBV100/EM35MR Electric Bleed Valve Actuators
    • EM70 and EM140 General Purpose Actuators  

    The EM/LQ Digital Driver interfaces with Woodward actuators and valve/actuators that incorporate a brushless dc motor and multiple resolvers. The maximum resolver scenario involves a motor position resolver as well as dual output shaft resolvers.

    The driver receives a 4-20ma or RS-485 position demand signal from the turbine control system and compares that input to the shaft position resolver value. Depending on the error between the two, a motor current is generated to cause the actuator to move to the demanded operating position. Advanced model based control algorithms are used for robust control over a wide range of actuator load inertias and friction levels.


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