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    Woodward’s Engine Control Systems for medium speed engines prove excellence as prime movers for power generation

    Since their invention, reciprocating piston engines, whether stationary or mobile, have proven to be reliable and resilient worldwide. Combustion chambers within reciprocating piston engines convert various media, whether liquid (Diesel/HFO) or gaseous, into kinetic energy, which ensures high fuel efficiency.

    Reciprocating engines are adaptable to different fuel types (dual fuel), allowing the power machine/power station operator a choice to use the most favorable, economic energy source available.

    Sensors that measure pressure, temperature, and vibrations near the engine continuously provide the “Engine Control System” with up-to-date values in order to calculate and determine the optimal working point. This makes it possible to compensate sudden load variations by connecting consumers to the generator.

    In addition to the implementation of motor side control elements through proprietary protocols or CAN-bus, the “Engine Control System” also allows communication to superimposed control systems and data bases. Deviations from the standard that might be a hint for potential damages are recorded and can be analyzed simultaneously. Furthermore, maintenance works during stoppages help to ensure the long-term availability of the installation.

    Woodward provides you the best technology of tomorrow today. 

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